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11-12 Hockey Update

Eclectic Hockey League Action

Stout Division

Gooner’s Dogs faced Gears Beer with their main goaltender, Ben, in net. Ben is like a wall. Chris High, John (the kid) Finn and Mark Minaudo scored for Gears Beer to win 3-0. BTW, Ben assisted on the third goal:)

I have to share this: There was grumbling by Gooners players about the kid who scored all three goals for Gears Beer. So I looked into it and the “kid” was John Finn who I skate with a few times a week. John is way over 40! He was a late add as a regular to the team and wears a plain white jersey. We just don’t look the same with gear on do we?

Inter Conference Play

Old Fokkers faced their first inter conference team, Bullfrogs 25. Bob Gidcumb earned another hat trick to lead Old Fokkers to a 6-3 victory over the kids!

Side note: There was an incident where a player went down hard and felt that he was slew footed. It got heated and the player addressed his concern to the ref. The ref felt that the player was out of line and the player was ejected. This is a reminder that we need to be respectful of our refs. There will be dumb calls, even missed calls. Yelling or swearing a the ref will not help.

Bullfrogs 40 broke their goal drought! (Celebrate small successes!) They faced Team TLC in their first Inter Conference game. The one goal wasn’t enough though as Team TLC won 5-1. 

Health Status of Goalie: Our sponsor, Bullfrogs owner, Mike Stevenson was in net to start the game and he gave us a big scare. Mike was facing a ton of shots unfortunately, and he became so short of breath he couldn’t get up. We had emergency response on hand with Rico and off ice we had Ben from Gears Beer, who is a Bay City fireman, as well as a few other guys helping out. Greg from Gears Beer called a paramedic and he was checked out. Other than high blood pressure, he recovered quickly and headed home. I spoke with him later that evening and he was doing better. Thanks to everyone who came together to help. We play hard but we are a fellowship and need to help each other out.

BTW, our regular goalie, Tom Huchings, skated with the Bullfrogs 25 team and came over to fill in for us. He got run over during the game. Not a fun day for our goalies!

Lager Conference

Gutter Guys faced Hartwig Tree in a very close game. John Moran of Hartwig got fired up in the third period and scored a hat trick! It wasn’t enough though as Gutter Guys won 5-4.

Reminder that next week there is a UM Womens game against CMU after our games. We start at 10:30 am!

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Crystal Fieldhouse Leauge Standings





I stopped in to watch Craftwerk vs Lemieux Agency since I know most of the guys on both teams. Lemieux Agency came on hard from a 4-1 deficit, but too little too late. Craftwerk got an empty net goal late for a 6-4 win.

Polar Palace Leagues

11-5 Hockey Update

EHL Update

Stout Conference

Gears Beer hung in with Old Fokkers through two periods but lost 5-7 to the Old Fokkers.

Bullfrogs 40 has not scored in six periods now. Watch out, they are preserving their goals for future games! Gooners Dogs beat them 3-0.

Lager Conference

Team TLC won 5-1 against returning champ Hartwig Tree Movers.

Bullfrogs 25 started out the game without a goalie and ended the first period tied 2-2. Gutter Guys poured on three goals in the second period and took the 5-4 win.

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Crystal Fieldhouse Leagues

Polar Palace Leagues

10-29 Hockey Update

Eclectic Hockey League

Stout Conference

Bullfrogs 40 wasn’t able to light the lamp at all Sunday as Gears Beer tallied up five unanswered goals, then an empty netter to top off their 6-0 win. Ouch!
Congrats to David Taylor and Mark Minaudo for both scoring two goals.

Doc and Bob teamed up on the only goal in the Old Fokkers vs Gooners Dogs game for a 1-0 win for Old Fokkers.

Lager Conference

Great job by a very short bench for Bullfrog 25, but not quite enough. They held their own, even without a goalie early in the game. Score of 2-2 at the end of the first. They held the line and even had a lead mid way through the second period. Andrew Langdon of Bullfrog’s took a puck to the head which left them even shorter for a bit. Nice job Matt Day for racking up a hat trick!
Hartwig ran away in the third to take an 8-5 win.

Mike Hazel was the only producer for Team TLC this week and it wasn’t enough to stop the talented Gutter Guys. Brian Savard wracked up another hat trick to lead Gutter Guys to a 5-2 win.

The below points are off for Hartwig as we are waiting on a scoring update.

For any scoring edits, contact to fix the stats. Visit EHL on Hockey-Community to view all records.


Crystal Fieldhouse Leagues

Let’s start with the 40A league. A handful of these guys are regulars for our Wednesday and Friday drop in skates. Some real talent out there. Early in the season, but Rouse and crew at Craftwerk are neck and neck with Eric Lemieux of Lemieux Agency. Tucker and Flint Welding have a little catching up to do.

Not looking good for my friends on Saturn in the 18a! Looks like Chuck needs a little help up front! The Barn seems to be the team to beat at this point.

What is up with JF Photography? They are undefeated and only 14 goals against?

Polar Palace Leagues



10-15 Hockey Update

Despite the unusually warm weather, we are getting deep into the 2017/18 hockey season for most leagues. A lot going on at both Polar Palace and Crystal Fieldhouse. Here is a quick snapshot of the standings in the leagues with my select editorial comments for those interested.

Eclectic Hockey League

Our fourth week of games, so we faced a previous foe in each conference this week. Bullfrogs 40 edged out Gooners Dogs in a 4-3 Stout Division (40+) game. A couple of new players were added to the Gears Beer team roster and they held their own against undefeated Old Fokkers in a 3-2 loss. Gary Richards of Bullfrogs 40 scored a hat trick Sunday to put him in a tie with Don Lambert of Old Fokkers with 9 points each.

In the Lager Division (25+) Team TLC edged out Hartwig Tree Service in a 4-3 game. The Gutter Guys had a few guys on the bench for a change and out worked a short bench for Bullfrogs 25 in an 8-3 win. Gutter Guy’s goal scorer, Brian Savard is dominating the stats with seven goals and seven assists so far this season. Gutter Guys team manager Trever Funseth is second with five and five.

Crystal Fieldhouse Leagues

Jeff Rouse and company of team Craftwerk edged out Lemieux in a close 4- 3 win to take over first place.

Polar Palace Leagues

18+ Silver

Ray C’s handed Lonesome Mt Outfitters their very first defeat in a 3 – 1 game.

18+ Bronze

K & S Tree Service maintains first place with a crushing win over The Money Box 7-1. Sorry there Mike Cherry! Nice job with four goals in four games though!!

18+ Tin

Dirty Work Fabrication continues their undefeated streak. Only 8 goals scored on Nick Gawlas so far this season! Nice job Nick! Highwood edged out Prestige Worldwide to keep the points spread tight in the middle of the pack.


35+ A Division

Three games played on Wednesday last week. All one sided games according to the score sheets.

35+ B Division

Greg Winegarden and Steve Regge edged out a win with Lake Michigan Credit Union last week in a tight 2-1 game against CMS Marathon.


35+ C Division

Play It Again Sarnia maintained their undefeated record.


10-8 Hockey Update

Another week into the hockey season as hundreds of skaters converge at rinks to connect with friends, work off some stress and get exercise. With adult league age ranges from 18 years old well into 60’s, we get to enjoy the best game ever – ice hockey. Within this group of men and women we have individuals from all walks of life. Talent on the ice is what the game is about. Good sportsmanship and respect for your fellow player as we all have lives outside of hockey to go back to. A big thank you to those who play hard each week and exhibit good sportsmanship. Together we can grow this great sport and encourage future generations to follow our traditions.

With that said, here are snapshots of the standings for the leagues at Crystal and Polar taken Monday at around 10 am. They might not all be updated.

First up is my league at Crystal that skates from around 11 am till 3 pm., the Eclectic Hockey League. Two conferences, eight teams. A more complete wrap up will be emailed out to the EHL Updates list you can join at with the interest form.

Eclectic Hockey League

The Lager Conference is 25+ and the play has been close. Of note is the incredible performances put on by the Gutter Guys. Last week they had a huge win with only six skaters, this week they lost 3-4 with only five skaters. Wow, they are not going to know what to do if they field two lines!

Old Fokkers is the team to beat so far in the Stout conference with an undefeated record. They move the puck really well. Gear Beer got its first win this week, good guys!

Crystal Fieldhouse 18+ League Standings

Crystal Fieldhouse 40A

Polar Palace 18+

Polar Palace 35+

Polar Palace 50+

10-3 Hockey Update

Area hockey league standings at a glance.

From Swartz Creek to Lapeer there is a lot of adult hockey available. Here is one page to get you up to date quickly.

Crystal Fieldhouse Leagues

Crystal Fieldhouse

House Leagues

40A League

18A League

18B League

18C League

Eclectic Hockey League

Hockey Community

Polar Palace Leagues

Points Streak

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18+ Bronze

18+ Tin