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Organizing Activities That Make You Thirsty!

Dave Crabill

Photo of me at 15 years old on New Years Day 1977. Organizing a game of street hockey.

So, what in the world in Gears.Beer?

A destination for those who want to be active and drink good beer. A happy balance is in order for sanity.

Go-to activities for working up a thirst include ice hockey and biking.

My name is Dave Crabill, and as you can see by the photo, I’ve been doing this a long time. We had the biggest driveway in the neighborhood growing up in South Jersey. Many a hard fought battle was held on the driveway!

Bike riding on rail trails is a relaxing workout, where you are less likely to get nailed by a car. My wife, Sue, and I are touring Michigan in search of great rides. The Paint Creek Trail is our go-to ride. Under 10 miles from Rochester to 51 North Brewery in Lake Orion. See the bike to beer theme? Join us on a trip!

What really keeps me sane is ice hockey. I am fortunate to be able to skate a few times a week. If you are a player, check out the hockey page to see what is going on. I shouldn’t have to explain how beer is involved with hockey. Thanks LaBatt USA!

I’ve done a variety of things to pay the mortgage over the years. What I have enjoyed the most is the marketing. My company, Eclectic Sales & Creative Marketing, LLC, builds web sites for clients. I have a team of experts to help with Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing and Direct Mail campaigns. Managing all of the activities for over 100 websites and marketing services for dozens of local companies has sharpened my organizational skills.

When the .BEER extension for websites was released, I just had to grab one! Gears was the shortest and most relevant option available. It is amazing how quickly they get bought up! So GEARS.BEER was purchased without a real plan. I asked my nephew, Ben Lew, to help with a cool logo. He came up with the Gears.Beer logo that can be used across a wide variety of applications. Hockey was the logical first step as the 2014 / 2015 season ended and the new owners at Crystal Fieldhouse were very open to me picking up the Friday night ice time. Thanks to Tim Wilson inviting me to skate on Wednesday with Tom Huss. Tom still runs the Wednesday night skate.

Tim Wilson was a very vocal player, someone that everyone got to know. Tim died at the age of 50, during drop-in at Polar Palace on August 7th, 2015. Very sad, but he was doing what he loved. He used to brag about his heart problems, which were numerous.

My organizational skills and use of the latest technology and tools has helped me to bring together activities such as our Friday night skate and the Eclectic Hockey League. This summer will be focused on some cool bike rides around Michigan.

Want to get involved with hockey or biking – and tip a beer or two? Use the sign up form if you have an interest in getting involved with the fun. I’ll make sure we get you the right information. Look for Events to get involved with on our site here.

To connect with me on LinkedIn, visit here.

Keep in Balance,

Dave Crabill

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