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“Every day is a great day for hockey.” Mario Lemieux

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Here are the rules of our skates:

Rules Of The Skate

  • Show Up – no-shows are put in the penalty box for future skates.
  • Quick Shifts – 2 minutes is reasonable, ice hogs are not invited back
  • Pass The Puck – get everyone involved, don’t just pass to your buddy
  • No Checking – we all have lives outside of hockey, this is just for fun
  • No Whining – no one likes a whiner
  • Wait for the Zamboni driver to get done before stepping on ice.
  • Jersey colors – Dark or White, no light shades like grey, or light blue.
  • Talk to your goalies and don’t crash the net.

Request to join the Gears Beer private list on to get involved in the Friday Night skates. Use the form below to tell us who referred you, your age and skill level.

By submitting the form, you agree to the skate rules.

If you are a good fit, you will be approved and able to book skates.

About Perfect Skate

The ultimate tool to create the Perfect Skate.

For Organizers:

Build your skate list and automate emails and text messages to fill your goalie and skater spots.

For Skaters:

Know who is skating, what jersey to bring, and enjoy more balanced teams.

Features Include:

  • Private List or Public Events

  • Email and SMS Notification

  • Player Profiles – Forward/Defense/Goalie

  • Drink Preferences

  • White/Dark Jersey Assignments

  • Waiting List

  • Player List Management

  • Assign Helper Roles: Coaches & Check-in

  • Set # of Players

  • Set Cut Off times to book or drop

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Sunday Leagues

 Enjoy league play but tired of the scheduling hassle?
What makes the Eclectic Hockey League stand out is the full-season schedule in advance and the focus on fun.
Learn more about what we call the Eclectic Hockey League or EHL with the button below.

Here to help if you have questions.

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