Your ice hockey fun begins here!

old hockey player

Another week into the hockey season as hundreds of skaters converge at rinks to connect with friends, work off some stress and get exercise. With adult league age ranges from 18 years old well into 60’s, we get to enjoy the best game ever – ice hockey. Within this group of men and women we have individuals from all walks of life. Talent on the ice is what the game is about. Good sportsmanship and respect for your fellow player as we all have lives outside of hockey to go back to. A big thank you to those who play hard each week and exhibit good sportsmanship. Together we can grow this great sport and encourage future generations to follow our traditions.

With that said, here are snapshots of the standings for the leagues at Crystal and Polar taken Monday at around 10 am. They might not all be updated.

First up is my league at Crystal that skates from around 11 am till 3 pm., the Eclectic Hockey League. Two conferences, eight teams. A more complete wrap up will be emailed out to the EHL Updates list you can join at with the interest form.

Eclectic Hockey League

The Lager Conference is 25+ and the play has been close. Of note is the incredible performances put on by the Gutter Guys. Last week they had a huge win with only six skaters, this week they lost 3-4 with only five skaters. Wow, they are not going to know what to do if they field two lines!

Old Fokkers is the team to beat so far in the Stout conference with an undefeated record. They move the puck really well. Gear Beer got its first win this week, good guys!

Crystal Fieldhouse 18+ League Standings

Crystal Fieldhouse 40A

Polar Palace 18+

Polar Palace 35+

Polar Palace 50+