Doan’s Winter

Classic Invitational Ice Hockey Tournament

Sponsored by Gears Beer
24 skaters, four goalies, a great rink, barn, food & drink. Get on the list. First skate of Jan 22 is Friday 14th at 7 pm under the LED lights!


Traditions built

The 6th Annual Winter Classic

Doan’s Winter Classic
February 6, 2021

Twenty two skaters and four goalies gathered for the tournament.

 Jessica Drouin kept score for us. Thanks Jessica!

Emma Phillips snapped team pics and game play.

Doan’s High Life

Reid Clark
Ben Doan
Jim Doan
Chris Joncas
Justin McHugh
Jeff Rouse

Stout Bros

Dave Crabill
Josh Maciejewski
Larry Ollearis
Scott Poliski
Logan Rothley


Team Porter

Jacob Arrond
Mike Arrond
Billy Campbell
Steve Ehrke
Tom Hall



KC Baran
Doug Drouin
Mike Edwards
Kevin O’Brien
Steve Regge
Steve Topoliski


Goalies: Jessica McKormack, Joe Worley, Lars Patterson, Charles Partridge

About Us

2021 Winter Classic

There is something different about skating outside in the elements. You get that feeling you had when you were a kid. For some of us that is longer ago than others, but still there to be captured.

The cool thing is that we are grown up and we can create a more comfortable environment.

Boards, nets, goalies and great ice conditions generally are one thing.

How about a heated barn with a popcorn machine, NHL Network on a TV and all the food and beer you can handle?

Yeah, good times.


2021 Doan’s Winter Classic Photos

Scroll through a handfull of pics from 2021, or visit this link to see them all: Google Photos

No one was hurt during the production of this event… well, no lasting injuries anyway!

Special thanks to Kevin O’Brien for his help in shoveling and organizing. We had a handful of players help with the rink this year who couldn’t make the tournament. Always looking for more help!


Lagermen 6  vs Stout Bros  2

Doan’s High Life 3 vs Team Porter 6

Lagermen 5 vs Doan’s High Life 2

Stout Bros 8 vs Team Porter 5

Lagermen 6 vs Team Porter 3

Stout Bros 2 vs Doan’s High Life 4

Doan’s High Life beat Lagermen for the 2021 Championship


Lagermen 3-0

Team Porter 0-3

Doan’s High Life 1-2

Stout Bros 1-2

Goalie Stats:

Jessica 2 / 2 / 3 = 7    (Congrats Jessica! Best GAA)

Charles 4 / 4 / 4 = 12

Joe 4 / 9 / 2 = 15

Lars 6 / 5/ 6/ = 17




Highlights from Past Tournaments

Players are sorted based on skill level and then randomly drawn to form teams. This works pretty well but isn’t perfect. There are four teams that are created with the skaters and goalies. You might notice a theme in the names, Team Porter, Doan’s High Life, Lagermen and Stout Bros. 

2016 Champs Team Porter

Reed Clark, Trevor, Jeff Rouse, Nick, Nick Campbell



2018 Champs – Stout Bros

Steve Topoliski, Dave Crabill, Jim Desantis, Drew Lang, Mike Wenzel Jr


2019 Champs Team Porter

Billy Campbell, Mike Edwards, Mike Wenzel Jr, Mike Wenzel Sr, Vinny, Vaughn Mortimer

Visit this link to see photos: Google Photos


Past Years Photos

Find them on Flickr


Thank You To Our Volunteers!

Kevin OBrien, Brian Hill, Paul Abernathy, John Schoefiled, Steve Topoliski, Scott Polisky, Logan Rothley, Reed Clark… and more have helped over the years.