Nov 15-23 Hockey Update

Nov 15-23 Hockey Update

Opportunities to skate!

We have two goalies in for Wednesday at 3 pm, just show up.

Friday nights are hosted by Gears Beer. The skate is managed by Perfect Skate. Join the Gears Beer list on Perfect Skate and notify Dave you are waiting. Once you are approved you can join skates at your convenience.

On 12/1 there are both UM Hockey and a high school game. Plan to arrive early to find a spot to park!


Would you like to organize your ice hockey list and run skates with less effort?

  • The Perfect Skate system automatically reminds goalies and skaters of events they have committed to join.
  • You can push emails or text messages out to your entire list to fill your skate.
  • Assign jersey colors, or give the Coach role to a player to set up the teams.
  • Mark players paid in the system. Links on your event to your digital payment options make it easy to collect using Venmo, Cash App or PayPal Me.

Free to build your list. The only expense is a small per-skater fee to cover the expenses of messaging your players.

Get started today!

Flint Oldtimers Hockey Club

Flint Oldtimers Hockey Club Action

Get all the details on the 50+ Hockey League as well as Tournaments.

All league schedules as well as team and player stats are available on

Eclectic Hockey League

Eclectic Hockey League

Get all the details on the Eclectic Hockey League.

All league schedules as well as team and player stats are available on

Fitness & Performance Tech

Do you ever wonder about how fast you skate, the length of your shifts, your heart rate and your fitness level? There is a way to get that information for each skate with a bit of technology.

I inherited an Apple Watch that I had purchased for my brother to monitor his heart. After seeing Glenn Syrowik using a Hockey Tracker app on his Apple Watch, I was curious. Now I wear the watch to skate and turn on the tracker.

Below are screenshots of some of the data collected. There is more in the app…

Here is an Apple Watch deal that would get you started tracking your stats:)

Mid October Hockey Update

Mid October Hockey Update

Injury Update

Greg Parker visited the rink Monday night. He isn’t on solid food yet, but looked good, and spoke well. That puck to the jaw did some damage. For those who hate the cage, like me, consider getting one. I don’t like it even after about 18 months of use, but it has saved me from some wild sticks and pucks. Let’s be smart and stay safe.

New 50+ League Offering

Darrel texted last night information on a Wednesday morning 50+ league. For $320 you get 18 games. You can learn more and register here.

Opportunities To Skate

Drop-In ice time is being organized on You will find a few lists you can join, with more coming. I run the Gears Beer lists. I created a 50+ only list for future skates. A Friday night at 7:30 pm skate is available by getting approved on the Gears Beer Private List. Call or text Dave if you run into any challenges, or to let him know you registered and are waiting. Once approved you can Book skates easily from the Skates list on the drop-down menu.

Wednesday is still going at 3 pm. Just show up. 


Good luck to the three teams out of our barn heading to Glacier for the Stanley Keg Tournament. We have two 50+ and one 60+ team heading to compete. 

(Side note: the 60+ team scrimmaged the Hamlin Pub 50+ team at Dort last Tuesday. That was a blast and more competitive than expected. Some might even say that 60+ won 5-3 🙂 Let’s not split hairs on one or two post goals before the sub goalie arrived:)

Did you know that there are SIX 70+ teams in the Stanley Keg Tournament? That gives me hope and should for you as we march towards that age!

Oldtimers Hockey League & Tournament

You will find the schedule, stats, and more at

The top eight teams will move to a playoff.

Eclectic Hockey League

We revamped to 40+ and there have been some surprises this season as the Marauders pick up some key players and compete. You can find the schedule, stats and more at www.Hockey.Gears.Beer


EHL Season Start Update

EHL Season Start Update

Quick update on hockey:

EHL Update:

  • Managers must mark players in to be recorded. Edit jersey numbers on sign-in sheet as needed.
  • Feb. 25th games need to be moved to Dec 31st or April 7th.
  • Goalie sub list is being created on

Oldtimers Hockey 50+ Monday:

Wednesday 3 PM Drop-In – 50+ 

Friday night 7:30 PM Drop-In

  • Register on, join Gears Beer Private List, text Dave, then you can Book Skates and see players and jersey assignments.