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Board Decision on Suspensions Needed

Board Decision on Suspensions Needed

Managers, please review the video and chime in on suspensions.

During the BC vs Kidd Co there was a scrum that turned to more activity in the penalty box that isn’t seen in the video. Feel free to give me a call if you have questions.



Feb Finance & Schedule Update

Feb Finance & Schedule Update

Stout Conference schedule is cut to 20 games. Refunds will go to teams by end of season.

Lager Conference schedule is cut to 19 and one team has 18 games due to byweeks.

Teams in serious arrears: Old Fokkers owes $937; Hartwig $1,245

Schedule to be reworked after Sunday if all teams not paid in full.

Regular season games end on March 7th and then a five game round robin for championship.

2021 doan’s Winter Classic

2021 doan’s Winter Classic

We have two skates in already on the rink at Jim Doan’s! Jim has made more upgrades to the barn and we now have even more room to spread out and host a banquet. 

The 2021 Doan’s Winter Classic is scheduled for February 6th. We draft four teams as evenly as possible from those present at 9:30 am. Games begin by 10 am. Single elimination tournament. We typicaly end by 1 pm and relax with some food and drink in the barn.

We will have pop up skates between now and then depending on the weather. If you have an interest in skating, join the email list. 

These events are at your own risk. Don’t worry mom, we have plenty of safety meetings!

Feb Finance & Schedule Update

Lockout Extended- no games 12/20

You can rent the ice for personal exercise, so Wed & Fri are on, but no League play. Must wear masks into rink.

Will update when I know more. The schedule will just keep rolling back unfortunately. 

Hope all are safe and healthy. Reach out if you know of anyone in need. I’m hearing of some without food. The Old Newsboys is a great organization to help kids with gifts and essentials. We are all in this together. Tough times. 

Merry Christmas