2019 Doan’s Winter Classic

Gears Beer Hockey is proud to sponsor Doan’s Winter Classic!

This year Jim Doan added an indoor bathroom to the barn. So we have a popcorn machine, NHL Network on TV and indoor plumbing!

Our first year we had everyone bring a dish to pass and it got expensive for some and we had way too much food. The plan is to have about 24 skaters and four goalies which works well for the barn size. We will have cases of beer and food on hand. The suggested menu is pasta, wings, salad, and breadsticks.

The teams are drafted evenly from four categories, ABCD. Players are ranked and randomly distributed into teams. The traditional team names are Doan’s High Life, Team Porter, Lagermen and Stout Bros. (beer-themed of course)

So, to confirm your player spot we ask a small donation of $15 to skate. Proceeds cover the expenses of the tournament.

Check in to form teams by 10 am. Games start at 11 am.
Two 5 min run time periods per game. Up to six per drafted team. Three on three play. Recruit goalies!

With your confirmed donation, you will get a special coupon code to save money on a shirt or hoodie. 

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2017/18 Conference Champs Determined!

2017/18 Conference Champs Determined!

Stout Conference Champs Old Fokkers!

Old Fokkers beat Gears Beer 2-0 (empty net for second) to win the Stout Conference. Team Gears Beer came together throughout the season. Since they have not skated together before, it takes a while to gel. Plus, their regular goalie, Ben Liebenow, was real stingy with the goals. Gears Beer finished second to Old Fokkers. Not only has Old Fokkers played together longer than any team in our league – by decades – they also have the goalie with the lowest goals against for the season, Greg Weingarden. Only 33 goals (33 in conference, 40 total) during 17/18 regular season. Team TLC is closest with 58 GA in conference, 63 total. The only fully intact original team is the Old Fokkers. I split my team in half this season and what was MoJoes is now Gutter Guys with a different player mix. The “house” team from our first season is now Hartwig Tree. Interesting how things evolve. The “losers” bracket for Stout was won by Bullfrog 40 over Gooner’s Dogs even before we dropped the puck. Gooner’s brought an army and a guy wasn’t on the playoff roster. They told me that they forfeit, but let’s play. Well in a way that puts extra pressure on me, because I don’t want to win by forfeit! Nate was tough in net for Gooner’s Dogs but I followed up Chris Green’s goal with a tip  off a deep corner pass by my center, Kevin O’Brien. We ended up winning 3-2 in a shootout. Big fun! The undisputed champs at supporting Skaters Bar is certainly Gooner’s Dogs. I’m going to miss hanging out and sharing war battles!

Lager Conference Champs Gutter Guys!

Gutter Guys beat Bullfrogs 25 to win the Lager Conference.

Bullfrogs 25 overcame some tough odds to make it to the finals. In August of last year I told them to rebuild their team with half the players. I pulled all the old guys to form a 40+ team. Gutter Guys was just too much though. The game started out great and was tied one to one for the first third, but after a couple penalties it all fell apart and Gutter Guys closed out the Lager Conference with a 6-2 win. Last years league champs, Hartwig Tree Service was ousted by Team TLC in a four to three battle for third place. Sorry guys, the Gooner’s Dog team had pickled baloney and home made salsa in the bar, so I didn’t see as much of your game! BTW, tell you wife she is right, Chris – that salsa is addicting! Note Team TLC is making a statement with their pic, nice job Eugene! So, we can start a new movement, hockey lives matter. We do hope that everyone, regardless of ability, had fun playing ice hockey this season. That is what it is about. Play hard, skate hard, but have fun. If we all focus on the common goal of fun, it will continue to grow. More teams means more variety in play and more fun.

Brian Savard Wins Guzzler Prize

We might have to rename this the Savard prize! Brian Savard earned 45 points with 26 goals. Drew Lang was catching up quick as a late starter into the league. He was second with 40 points with 23 goals. Brian earns the $50 Guzzler Prize this year. Who will earn it next year? Ty? Jason? There are a few within striking range this season.

Drawing TO Be held 4/8 for St Paulie Girl Prize

Players without penalties are leigilbe to draw a card for a $50 prize. High card wins $50.

EHL Championship game

In an epic battle, Gutter Guys will play Old Fokkers for the bragging rights and a case of beer. The game will be held at 1:15 on April 8th.

2018/19 Registration is open

Players can start registering towards their team deposit. We plan to hold at twelve teams next season. Help spread the word and get registered early. You know how people are. They like to join once they know that you are committed, so register early.

Grab a T-shirt with your team logo
The 2017/18 EHL Season T-shirts will drop ship directly to you. Have a design idea that you would prefer, just let me know.

2018 Doan’s Winter Classic

Doan’s Winter Classic

Sixteen skaters and four goalies will gather Saturday morning for a day of outdoor ice hockey, a few brews and good fellowship.

Jim and Stephanie are gracious enough to let this motley crew of players hang out in their barn for the day and tear up the ice.

The first project is to sort out and rank the players. We will have four even teams with four skaters formed and start play at 1:30 pm Sharp. Three on three play. Each team plays each other once, then a finals game to determine the tournament champs. Teams and schedule plan is drawn at random from those present around 1 pm.

Team Porter

Stout Bros

Doan’s High LIfe



Each player can purchase a Doan’s Winter Classic t-shirt for $20.  Bring your own drinks and grub. Those with the talent, time and ambition are welcome to bring a dish to pass.

Doan's Winter Classic Invitational poster

Click the image below to view the full photo gallery on Flickr.

Wait! Did you see our jersey!
We are ordering dye sublimation jerseys in Rangers colors with EHL sponsors logos. They will be customized with your name and number in print or with Twill patches.

11-12 Hockey Update

Eclectic Hockey League Action

Stout Division

Gooner’s Dogs faced Gears Beer with their main goaltender, Ben, in net. Ben is like a wall. Chris High, John (the kid) Finn and Mark Minaudo scored for Gears Beer to win 3-0. BTW, Ben assisted on the third goal:)

I have to share this: There was grumbling by Gooners players about the kid who scored all three goals for Gears Beer. So I looked into it and the “kid” was John Finn who I skate with a few times a week. John is way over 40! He was a late add as a regular to the team and wears a plain white jersey. We just don’t look the same with gear on do we?

Inter Conference Play

Old Fokkers faced their first inter conference team, Bullfrogs 25. Bob Gidcumb earned another hat trick to lead Old Fokkers to a 6-3 victory over the kids!

Side note: There was an incident where a player went down hard and felt that he was slew footed. It got heated and the player addressed his concern to the ref. The ref felt that the player was out of line and the player was ejected. This is a reminder that we need to be respectful of our refs. There will be dumb calls, even missed calls. Yelling or swearing a the ref will not help.

Bullfrogs 40 broke their goal drought! (Celebrate small successes!) They faced Team TLC in their first Inter Conference game. The one goal wasn’t enough though as Team TLC won 5-1. 

Health Status of Goalie: Our sponsor, Bullfrogs owner, Mike Stevenson was in net to start the game and he gave us a big scare. Mike was facing a ton of shots unfortunately, and he became so short of breath he couldn’t get up. We had emergency response on hand with Rico and off ice we had Ben from Gears Beer, who is a Bay City fireman, as well as a few other guys helping out. Greg from Gears Beer called a paramedic and he was checked out. Other than high blood pressure, he recovered quickly and headed home. I spoke with him later that evening and he was doing better. Thanks to everyone who came together to help. We play hard but we are a fellowship and need to help each other out.

BTW, our regular goalie, Tom Huchings, skated with the Bullfrogs 25 team and came over to fill in for us. He got run over during the game. Not a fun day for our goalies!

Lager Conference

Gutter Guys faced Hartwig Tree in a very close game. John Moran of Hartwig got fired up in the third period and scored a hat trick! It wasn’t enough though as Gutter Guys won 5-4.

Reminder that next week there is a UM Womens game against CMU after our games. We start at 10:30 am!

Looking for ice time?

Wednesday & Friday 7:30-9 pm Visit https://fullbenchicetime.com to grab a spot. 

Crystal Fieldhouse Leauge Standings





I stopped in to watch Craftwerk vs Lemieux Agency since I know most of the guys on both teams. Lemieux Agency came on hard from a 4-1 deficit, but too little too late. Craftwerk got an empty net goal late for a 6-4 win.

Polar Palace Leagues

Wait! Did you see our jersey!
We are ordering dye sublimation jerseys in Rangers colors with EHL sponsors logos. They will be customized with your name and number in print or with Twill patches.