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Crystal Fieldhouse

A Zamboni driver rammed into the NW corner of the South rink, pushing it out a couple of inches. The good news is that it is repaired and the corner now does not have the feature of deflecting the puck out the center ice when you rip it around:)

The North Rink ice will be taken out to make repairs in June. A bunch of sand needs moved out to make line repairs, then clean sand brought in and a thin layer of ice to be set in order to paint. This all will take a few weeks to accomplish, so we will be down a sheet over the summer.

Summer Ice Time

The Friday night skates are attempting to continue through the summer thanks to Ian Roulleau. Please join Ian’s Beers & Benders list on – Beers & Benders of Davison.

Ian of Beers & Benders has a number of 1 hr 15 min. Friday nights at 7:30 pm setup.

Easy to join his Open list by clicking the Menu and then Skater Dashboard to click Skate Lists.

Scrolling down under Potential Lists hit the green symbol in corner to join the list.

Then go back to Skater Menu and hit Skates to find the available skates and Book.

Open Drop In Wednesdays

Wednesday afternoon at 3PM is an open drop in. Mostly older skaters, but no restrictions as we can always use a few more bodies! If you can work it out in your schedule it is a great workout. To give some perspective, I wear an Apple Watch only when I skate to monitor my heart and such. During a game I’ll skate .5 mile. One Wednesday I typically rack up .75 miles or more. Lots of ice time!

League Info

Monday night Flint Oldtimers Hockey League can be found on

EHL will start up in September. Looking to add teams. Fill out the interest form on

New 60+ Wednesday Night Iceland

Beginning October 2024 at Iceland. Twenty games and playoffs. Confirm teams by June 14th.
Contact Jay Lyon by email: