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The Eclectic Hockey League (EHL) is gearing up for its postseason showdown, with the regular season closing on March 10th. The playoffs, unfolding over the following two weeks, promise intense competition as four teams vie for the league championship. Here’s a detailed look at the playoff schedule, ensuring fans know what to expect at each turn.

Week 1: The Opening Round

  • 9:30 AM Game: The playoff opener features the 6th seed against the 5th seed.
  • 10:45 AM Game: Next up, the 3rd seed faces the 2nd seed.
  • Noon Game: The day’s final matchup sees the 4th seed taking on the 1st seed.

Week 2: The Decisive Battles

  • 9:30 AM Game: The action resumes with the loser of the Week 1 9:30 AM game playing against the lowest-seeded loser from the 10:45 AM or Noon games.
  • 10:45 AM Game: This game features the winner of the Week 1 9:30 AM game against the highest-seeded loser from the 10:45 AM or Noon games.
  • Noon Championship: The championship game is the apex of the EHL playoffs, with the winners of the Week 2 10:45 AM game and the Week 1 Noon game facing off. This is where the season’s champion will be crowned, in a match that promises to be a memorable climax to the tournament.

The Run For Stanley Pints

This playoff format is designed to maximize competition and suspense, ensuring that every match is pivotal. Each team will enjoy a case of beer on Commissioner Dave.

Key Dates

The playoffs start on March 17th and conclude on March 24th, allowing the EHL to crown its champion before the Easter holidays and the start of various tournaments.

Wrapping Up

As the EHL playoffs approach, we look back at a season with a few surprises. Teams that were at the bottom of the rankings last season are now contenders. The team managers are greatly appreciated as they help make the league work. Big thanks to Ty Burt, Jeff Rouse, Jeff Weiler, Eric Schauwecker, Gerald Edwards, and Tony Endicott.

This season we asked a bit more of our team managers with the task of player check-in. The rosters and game check-in are a big part of keeping this league fairly organized. A few teams did great with the task, but it was less than perfect. Next season we will go back to having a check-in person and I’ll run the scoring and provide a “more colorful” player experience. This will help with our stats, and a little rock n roll will liven up the games.

The draft concept was floated, but the response was not overwhelming for the adoption. We will stay with bringing teams and the plan is to petition for one more sheet to expand to eight teams if possible.

Thanks for being a part of the league, it is an honor to skate with you.

Commissioner Dave