EHL Season Start

EHL Season Start

Managers Meeting

The board directors for the Eclectic Hockey League met in Skaters Bar on Sunday, Sept. 18th. We voted to stay with the six teams as they have strong rosters and adding the seventh would require cutting the number of games to get the season completed before the Alumni Tournament. As it is, we are scheduled through April 2nd, which could cause an issue with Old Timers Tournament.

In an effort to get to six teams we lowered the age to 35. Only a few teams have skaters under 40. We decided that a player must be 35 by November 15th to qualify and a roster can not contain more than 5 players under 40.

Further player restrictions include prohibiting any player who has skated in 18A in the last year from joining our league. 

We will have a competitive season. Please remember that this is a recreational league. Try to keep the ego’s in check and have fun:)

Regarding registration. We have collected most teams’ rosters and USA hockey numbers. I’m emailing managers with rosters as we have currently. Be sure to check in at the registration table on the way in.

 This season is starting without one of the easiest-going guys and great skaters in the league. We will open each game this week with a moment of silence to remember Chris “Swell” Wellman who lost his battle with Cancer.

See you at the rink!


Larry is bringing his trailer up and will be on-site selling sticks this Sunday. As always, just $89 for a great stick! Check out his new offerings of a custom logo bags, hockey gloves, and more on

Big thanks to our sponsors. Friends who have stepped up to help support the program. This last year has been challenging and it is my friends, including the hockey community who has helped me keep my head up.

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EHL Season Start

Breaking News!

Fellow hockey enthusiasts

We are just over two weeks away from the start of the 2022 season.

This week has brought some surprises and caused some sleepless nights making tough decisions.

Our struggle began when Hurley backed out to skate Wednesday nights. Lockhart then decided to back out because they didn’t want to skate against Frozen Wings.

Work began to recruit teams into the league or form a new team from free agents.

The challenge with the free agent team is the talent pool to create a competitive team. As I’ve learned in running the weekly skates the weakest skaters have as much effect on the teams’ competitiveness as the best skaters. The free agent team was going to struggle to win a game.

Michelle from the rink was wanting one of my sheets back and the pressure was on. Would we have four or five teams?

Also, the 40 A league was at five teams and she suggested that we might bring a team from there to our league to balance things out. I didn’t see that as a good plan.

Just this week Tim Jankowski approached me to bring much of the Old Fokkers team back into the league. Their roster is strong and should compete well with the rest of the teams.

That changed things. All of the teams’ rosters looked competitive. Even the Marauder’s lineup looked good and they had great confidence in their goalie.

As most of you know, Jeff Rouse has helped over the years with my weekly skate. He approached me to come back into the league with a revised roster to better suit the 40 B league. He has a few skaters who have been off the ice for over a decade. They still have a strong lineup and we now have six teams ready to compete in the fall.

The challenge is that we have about eight players left out in the wind and team rosters are full to over full.

Should a seventh team appear we could build the eight, but I’d have a tough time finding the ice time as the rink is quite busy.

I apologize to the free agents for not finding a place for them. Big thanks to Rich Jolly and Michael Williams for offering to run the new team. Unfortunately, we don’t have a spot now.

That is the update.

The team managers’ meeting will be at 3 pm on Sunday 18th in Skaters Bar. We will review rosters and discuss options.

One option would be to go to seven teams which creates a bye-week and extends the season duration to get the 25 games in.

Let me know what you think. This is going to be some competitive hockey this season.

Keep your head up and stick on the ice.

2022-23 EHL Season Registration

2022-23 EHL Season Registration

Fellow hockey enthusiast

It is my pleasure to introduce the 2022 through 2023 Eclectic Hockey League Season.

Our first games will be held on September 25th. We have game times of 10 am, 11:15, and 12:30 pm.

Teams committed are Budtenders, Gooners Dogs, Marauders, and Frozen Wings. A fifth team is being built and we are considering dropping the age to 35 to bring in the sixth team.

Frozen Wings won’t be as dominant as the last few years due to changes in their roster to adapt to our league.

Should we not get to six teams we will drop a sheet and have a by-week with five teams on the schedule.

Jeff Dennings is back at the registration table. We are sourcing some performance-enhancing products at the table – nothing too scary like Russian gas😊  Some electrolyte hydration and topical pain relief.

Since the start of the EHL in 2015, the costs have gone up over 20%. The team fee this season is $5,350 with a $100 back if paid before the mid-December deadline.

We will be registered through USA Hockey this season. You will need to get your USA Hockey number for the fall season. You can register now.

Please visit Gears dot Beer forward slash EHL to make a payment and to get any updates.

I’ve rented the ice from 1 to 2 pm on Sunday the 18th with a meeting and networking afterward. Come join the fun. Those who make an initial ice time payment will skate free.

A big thanks to Cooper Goalie – Charles Partridge for printing some cool EHL decals for our cars. They will be available on the 25th.

Last item. I’m ordering a few jerseys and socks from Just Hockey Jerseys. If you want some cool hemp socks or a jersey, order on

Looking forward to seeing you on the ice!

Keep your head up!

stanley pint beer glass trophy EHL
2022 EHL Season Start Info

2022 EHL Season Start Info

Sponsorship Help

Just Hockey Jerseys is offering fully sublimated jerseys for only $35 each. Add sponsor logos to your design and offset the cost of new jerseys. Socks are fully sublimated also for just $12.50 each with team jersey order.

Visit for details. Early orders are entered in a chance to get a 50% discount on their order!

A sponsorship form for use to help raise funds for your team is linked below.

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2022-2023 EHL Season

Welcome to the 2022-23 hockey season. We have ice time booked for six teams with the following game times at Crystal Fieldhouse: 10 am; 11:15 am; 12:30 am. We wrap up at 1:45 pm. 

Teams committed so far are Budtenders, Gooners Dogs, Frozen Wings, Lockhart Roofing, and The Marauders. Eric from Marauders may have an excess of players and Lockhart is looking to add a few.

The league fee has stayed the same since 2015. Unfortunately, that won’t be the case this season. Ref fees are up 24% and the ice fee is up over 20% along with other expenses. A 9% increase up to $5,450 with a $100 discount for full payment prior to the deadline.

The league minimum age remains at 40 years old within the season. The season runs through March of 2023. Any exceptions to the rule must be voted on by the league board of directors, which is comprised of the team managers and commissioner. 

Players interested in joining the EHL should complete the player interest form on

We don’t have many holidays that fall on Sundays to conflict with the league. There will be tournaments that bump us off the schedule. We will start playing on the last Sunday in September. There should be ice available the weeks prior to the season start to schedule team practices, contact Michelle at Crystal Fieldhouse.

Managers will be contacted by Commissioner Dave to schedule a pre-season meeting for a review of the By-Laws and rosters.

The league schedule and stats will be found on


2022 EHL Season Start Info

2021-22 EHL Season Wrap-up

We completed the 25 game season and Frozen Wings won the championship. Congrats to Ty and company.

Close games for the last week of the season. Dave and Jeff go over the games, stats and plans for next season in the video below.

2022 EHL Season Start Info

Wrap-up of the 21/22 EHL Season

Highlights of the Season

Thanks to Frozen Wings, we had an even six teams in this season. Ideally, we would have eight teams. Help get the word out for next season.

A big thanks to the team managers. It takes time, patience and money to run a hockey team. Ty Burt, Chris Green, Greg Dufour, Tom Hutchings, Mike Mays and Eric Schauwecker. The league fees were paid on time this season and all was paid for the first time since inception in 2015. Great work guys!

The play wasn’t always in parity. If I had a magic wand, I’d remix Frozen Wings, Marauders and Hurly Phantom into three new teams. Then we would have six with parity. What do you think?

Some suggest that we switch to a draft league so we build parity into all teams.

Something for the board to discuss, again. 

Frozen Wings will be the 21/22 champs. If Gooners Dogs beats Frozen and Budtenders loses the goals point spread could move Gooners into second place. The rankings are points, goal difference (GF – GA), and goals for in that order.

The EHL Prizes

St Paulie Girl Prize: Drawing on March 27th for $50. Over 40 players are eligble to draw a card due to no penalty minutes during the regular season.

The Guzzler Prize: Congratulations Kevin Byrne of Frozen Wings with 46 points (23 goals, 23 assists). Mark Vansaw won the 20/21 season Guzzler Prize with 71 points (40 goals, 31 assists) for the season. 

Tallboy Prize: The goalie with the most shutouts was Rick Erickson of Frozen Wings. He wins $50.

Stanley Pints: The Stanley Pints will be at the rink to hand to the league champs!

See you in Skaters Bar after the games on Sunday!


stanley pint beer glass trophy EHL