2021-22 EHL Season Wrap-up

2021-22 EHL Season Wrap-up

We completed the 25 game season and Frozen Wings won the championship. Congrats to Ty and company.

Close games for the last week of the season. Dave and Jeff go over the games, stats and plans for next season in the video below.

2021-22 EHL Season Wrap-up

Wrap-up of the 21/22 EHL Season

Highlights of the Season

Thanks to Frozen Wings, we had an even six teams in this season. Ideally, we would have eight teams. Help get the word out for next season.

A big thanks to the team managers. It takes time, patience and money to run a hockey team. Ty Burt, Chris Green, Greg Dufour, Tom Hutchings, Mike Mays and Eric Schauwecker. The league fees were paid on time this season and all was paid for the first time since inception in 2015. Great work guys!

The play wasn’t always in parity. If I had a magic wand, I’d remix Frozen Wings, Marauders and Hurly Phantom into three new teams. Then we would have six with parity. What do you think?

Some suggest that we switch to a draft league so we build parity into all teams.

Something for the board to discuss, again. 

Frozen Wings will be the 21/22 champs. If Gooners Dogs beats Frozen and Budtenders loses the goals point spread could move Gooners into second place. The rankings are points, goal difference (GF – GA), and goals for in that order.

The EHL Prizes

St Paulie Girl Prize: Drawing on March 27th for $50. Over 40 players are eligble to draw a card due to no penalty minutes during the regular season.

The Guzzler Prize: Congratulations Kevin Byrne of Frozen Wings with 46 points (23 goals, 23 assists). Mark Vansaw won the 20/21 season Guzzler Prize with 71 points (40 goals, 31 assists) for the season. 

Tallboy Prize: The goalie with the most shutouts was Rick Erickson of Frozen Wings. He wins $50.

Stanley Pints: The Stanley Pints will be at the rink to hand to the league champs!

See you in Skaters Bar after the games on Sunday!


stanley pint beer glass trophy EHL
2021-22 EHL Season Wrap-up

Rosters Frozen – 8 Games Needed for Playoffs

Rosters froze last weekend. Only four games left in the regular season. Players must have eight games in to be eligible. You can review your Roster off your team page or a list is available on the home page you can sort by team. Just click the Team column label and scroll down.


Jan 2022 Hockey Update

Jan 2022 Hockey Update

Message from the Commish…

Welcome to 2022! COVID is running through the rink again as we experience another surge in the pandemic. Hopefully this latest variation will burn out and we can finally put it behind us.

I’m able to skate on non-Chemo weeks yet and appreciate the encouragement from my hockey friends. My last treatment is January 24th and I’ll be back to top speed (still slow) by Playoffs!

Speaking of playoffs! The EHL will run a round robin again for the last five games of the season. They are not scheduled yet as we have a battle between Budtenders and Lockhart for third place. The rest of the standings are likely to hold. It is great to see that most of the games are fairly even. Congrats to Gooners for handing Frozen their first loss! (sorry Ty, had to share)

To qualify for playoffs the player must have played in eight regular season games. We allow pulling subs from within the league, but after the January 9th games the roster are frozen. Now new players can be added.

For drop in hockey we are running just one sheet a week currently due to competition from the leagues and other skates. Thanks to all who have helped me keep the one sheet going. Guys like Rouse and Daly have pulled in skaters to keep us going. Appreciate you guys! We have ice this Wed at 8 pm and the following week we get back to Fridays.

Log into www.app.perfectskate.com once you are Registered. Buy a Credit. You can use the coupon code “cash” if you want to pay at the rink. Book a skate with your Credit. We cap at 22 is the plan. For the first time in a long time we had some extra skaters slip through and skate, but we are holding at 22 still. I’ve fixed the problem. The site should be keeping you logged in now, which will help save you time and hassle. My developer is recovering from COVID, but we have the new system which will be super easy and more useful in coming months. It is amazing what you can do with database technology now.

For those interested in some outdoor ice. Doan’s Winter Classic is happening again in February. We cap that at 24 skaters and four goalies. Get on the email list here: https://gears.beer/doans-winter-classic/ to be updated on ice times. Doan needs help this Saturday at 9:30 am to finish the rink. Then games will be made available as weather permits. Last year we enjoyed over eight games on the rink. If you have not check it out, visit that link to see pics. What an awesome setup! Thanks Jimmy!!

Condolences to the (Shaggy) McGrath family for their loss.

That is it for now!

If you have read this much, you are an exceptional hockey player!!

See you on the ice!


New Drop-In Skate System

New Drop-In Skate System


Due to the 35 and older league being on Wed night we have lost about half our regulars. I’m creating a new rule. We need a minimum of 16 skaters booked by Sunday to skate on Wed. If we don’t have enough, I’ll cancel on Sunday and you get your Credit back.

The new system is in place. We have a better way to manage the teams in the back end as well as the ability to create a series of rules for the skate.

You can book skates with Credits that you purchase. This is the biggest change for the skater – paying in advance to hold your spot. You have until 24 hours prior to the skate to Unbook and get your Credit back. After that deadline you are committed and can send a sub in your place.

The pay in advance method eliminates the problem we were experiencing with the old system. Each week on the day of the skate we would have about five drops from guys who simply booked all available skates in advance. They prevented others from planning to skate and then hurt the skate on the day of. Now that isn’t possible.

By using a website instead of an App we have more control with less effort. The site plays nice on Mobile, simply bookmark it in your phone. You can create a shortcut that will show up on your screen – Google it.

The entire goal is to create the “Perfect Skate.” The right skaters, balanced teams, no drama and lots of fun.

Cancer Sucks

While I’m going through Chemo, I’m not going to be able to skate each week. I’ve been skating, but it is taking too long to recover. I will continue on my off Chemo week for now and see how that goes. Let me share again. Get your Colonoscopy when told. Don’t go through the surgery and Chemo – it sucks!