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A brief update on the week in local hockey.

Sad News

Monday night there was a ceremony at center ice for Eric Schroeder who passed recently. Eric’s long battle with cancer is over. Our condolences to his brother Devin and the family.

I tried to attend the ceremony, but a deer had other ideas for me. Have a good cheap car for sale:)

Greg Parker showed up Monday night with a huge card for Jimmy Desantis. Yeah, cancer took Jimmy on Wednesday. Jimmy was the inspiration for my goalie award I call the Tall Boy. He will be missed.

The week isn’t over yet. On Thursday, Gary Nehring passed away at 58. A brain aneurysm took him out.

I’m a firm believer that we increase our odds of longevity by staying active. According to John Bishop, ice hockey is the type of exercise to reduce your chance of neurological issues. John is my idol at what.. 78 and still playing!

Keep your head up and stick on the ice!


EHL News

2024 CCWHA (Central Collegiate Women’s Hockey Association) playoff tournament runs through Sunday. Our league is running while they play a game and there may be a shower issue.

The showers between 4/5 and 9/10 could be our teams and 1/2 and 6/7 could be the ladies, but that would put opposing teams and coaches in a shared shower area with close proximity to competitor locker rooms.

I’ve been told that it would be a bad idea by some. Be prepared for drama on Sunday.

Draft League

I’ll decide on whether to convert to a draft league or stay the same by the end of the season. What I need is your feedback.

Tell me if you like or don’t like this idea and if you would consider running a team and helping with the ranking and drafting of players. If there is enough interest and support I’ll proceed, otherwise we will drop the idea.

Click the button to send over your name and opinion. Thank you.

Oldtimers Hockey Club


Only 8 of the 11 teams make the playoffs. 

1 plays 8; 2 plays 7 and so on.

Two games, Total goals.

Goalies swapped.

Shootout if tied.

Tie breakers are the same as the tournament rules.


Friday Night Hockey


22 Skaters

2 Goalies

Balanced teams

Join the fun!
Fridays in March are available to book.