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Players must be signed in by their team manager in Hockey Community and confirmed with the scorekeeper. We are not operating under USA Hockey registration this season. There will be a new waiver and you will skate at your own risk.

Need a Goalie? The green button below links to a list of the goalies in the league and some other who may be available to sub. 

If you are a goalie who wants to be on this list, email dave@gears.beer. Ditto if you want removed.

Eclectic Hockey League

Use the Hockey Community app for your schedule, stats and ice bills.

Due to Covid staff will wear protective covering.  All entering wear mask and 6′ apart in lobby.  Locker Rooms are marked seating 6′ apart, we can fit 12. We will assign more locker rooms.   Cleaner in locker rooms and in players benches to use before and after use.  Thermometer will be available for you to use for your group.  Please limit time in locker rooms before and after to allow for cleaning.

Beer League Hockey – Sunday Early

Eclectic Hockey League (EHL) is organized hockey by players for players. We started with four teams in 2015, added two more for 2016 start of the season and grew to eight teams starting in 2017 then 12 in 2019. For the 2020/21 season we will have twelve teams, six in each conference. Unfortunately, we only have one sheet to use so a game will be held Saturday 9 pm and then Sunday 9:15 am; 10:30; 11:45; 1 pm; 2:15 pm

Lager Conference 25+ B
Stout Conference  40+ B

2020 Playoffs Mid August is plan 2021 Season Start September.

We set the full schedule in advance of the season start thanks to a close relationship and cooperation with our rink, Crystal Fieldhouse in Burton, MI.

The schedule, stats, finances and more are found through the use of a mobile app, Hockey Community.

Player payments will be managed through the Hockey Community app so players and managers will have easy access to view payments and balances.

Check out our Hockey Community EHL page here: Hockey-Community/League/EHL

Download the Hockey Community app with the links below:
For Apple iOS click here.       For Google Android click here.

Who this league isn’t for: fighters, hackers, whiners, complainers, college or junior experience players. A family affair: we have a number of kids and families come out to watch and cheer. Rude and abusive fans or players will be ejected.

Who this league is for: Hockey players of all race, religion, gender, and political affiliation. As long as you can show up and have fun playing. The skill level is a B/C level typically, with some exceptions. We are as firm as possible on the age limits.

Who runs the league? One representative from each team in the league is a member of the board and we vote on all rules and any events that require a decision. That includes exceptions for age, suspensions, and edits to the By-Laws. The Commissioner, Dave Crabill has one vote also and communicates the decisions of the board.

Schedule: Sept – March early Sundays. The entire season schedule is posted prior to season start. Oct 17, Dec 15 and Jan 26 your game will be posted two weeks out. They are Positioning Rounds.

Details & League By-Laws:

  • $5,000 per team
  • 65 Minute games, (3) 12 min stop time periods
  • Team managers or a designated rep vote on all major decisions.
  • Read all the details, prize information and rules in the: By-Laws  (click the By-Laws link to view)
  • Review Score Sheets and Sign In Sheets here: https://trello.com/b/EKschFfS
Stanley Pint

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August 2020 EHL Board Meetings

August 2020 EHL Board Meetings

August 16th Meeting Present: Chris Green, Gooners Dogs; Dane Tucker, C & S; Darren Newton, Old Fokkers; Justin McHugh, Chicken Shack; Ray Markey, Kidd Co; Ty Burt, Frozen Wings; Mike Hartwig, Hartwig Tree Svc.; Dave Crabill, Budtenders Teams not represented: Bigby...

2017/18 Conference Champs Determined!

2017/18 Conference Champs Determined!

Stout Conference Champs Old Fokkers! Old Fokkers beat Gears Beer 2-0 (empty net for second) to win the Stout Conference. Team Gears Beer came together throughout the season. Since they have not skated together before, it takes a while to gel. Plus, their regular...

2018 Doan’s Winter Classic

Doan's Winter Classic Sixteen skaters and four goalies will gather Saturday morning for a day of outdoor ice hockey, a few brews and good fellowship. Jim and Stephanie are gracious enough to let this motley crew of players hang out in their barn for the day and tear...

11-12 Hockey Update

Eclectic Hockey League Action Stout Division Gooner's Dogs faced Gears Beer with their main goaltender, Ben, in net. Ben is like a wall. Chris High, John (the kid) Finn and Mark Minaudo scored for Gears Beer to win 3-0. BTW, Ben assisted on the third goal:) I have to...

11-5 Hockey Update

EHL Update Stout Conference Gears Beer hung in with Old Fokkers through two periods but lost 5-7 to the Old Fokkers. Bullfrogs 40 has not scored in six periods now. Watch out, they are preserving their goals for future games! Gooners Dogs beat them 3-0. Lager...

10-29 Hockey Update

Eclectic Hockey League Stout Conference Bullfrogs 40 wasn't able to light the lamp at all Sunday as Gears Beer tallied up five unanswered goals, then an empty netter to top off their 6-0 win. Ouch! Congrats to David Taylor and Mark Minaudo for both scoring two goals....

10-15 Hockey Update

Despite the unusually warm weather, we are getting deep into the 2017/18 hockey season for most leagues. A lot going on at both Polar Palace and Crystal Fieldhouse. Here is a quick snapshot of the standings in the leagues with my select editorial comments for those...

10-8 Hockey Update

Another week into the hockey season as hundreds of skaters converge at rinks to connect with friends, work off some stress and get exercise. With adult league age ranges from 18 years old well into 60's, we get to enjoy the best game ever - ice hockey. Within this...

10-3 Hockey Update

Area hockey league standings at a glance. From Swartz Creek to Lapeer there is a lot of adult hockey available. Here is one page to get you up to date quickly. House Leagues 40A League 18A League 18B League 18C League 18+ Silver 18+ Bronze 18+ Tin 35A 35B 35C...

Some Old GoPro Video

Some Old GoPro Video

Here is a little blast from the past! Eric had some fun with his new GoPro camera on ice and shared the video with me. I selected a few clips to create a quick video. Enjoy! Dave

Island Lake State Park to Kensington Metropark

My go to bike ride is about 20 minutes from my home. It starts in Island Lake State Park, which offers free access with the Michigan Passport. Here are some quick stats: Enter the park off Kensington Road and park at the Island Lake Picnic Grounds. (option to add  a...

2016 Champs Crystal Fieldhouse

2017 Champs Hartwig Tree Service

2018 Lager Conference Champs Gutter Guys

2018 Stout Conference Champs Old Fokkers

EHL Online Store

A variety of items are available for sale online with our league logo and team logos. The items ship directly to you from our Detroit area printer. If there is something you are looking for that isn’t here in the store, just let us know.