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Frequently Asked Questions…

Frequently Asked Questions…

Two weeks in. It is going well. 

Here are some frequently asked questions:

How do I pay for my share of the league?

Each team has a player payment amount. Ask your team manager.

You pay Gears Beer – not the rink.

A payment path is available in the Hockey Community app. Click on your team name and swipe over to the Finance Tab.

Otherwise, write a check to Gears Beer and mail to 9350 Bennett Lake Rd Fenton, MI 48430

I will have a receipt book with me when at the rink for Budtenders games. As long as I don’t jump into another game, I will hang out in parking lot for a few after my game to catch later skaters who want to pay cash.

Do I need USA Hockey registration?


What is the insurance coverage?


By entering the rink you agree to this waiver.


 Below is a screen shot of the Hockey Community app showing a swipe to the finance tab.

hockey community finance screen
Frequently Asked Questions…

Schedule Set for 2020/21 Season

Eclectic Hockey League (EHL) will have twelve teams, six in each conference. Unfortunately, we only have one sheet to use so a game will be held Saturday 9 pm and then Sunday 9:15 am; 10:30; 11:45; 1 pm; 2:15 pm

Make sure you have a login to Hockey Community. There is a reste password link that expires in 30 min if you wish to reset your password. Team managers will be responsible for checking in players each game and confirming with scorekeepers.

I’m hiring both scorekeepers again to start the season. We will use tablets and enter the scores in HC during the game and cross check the stats. If concerned about stats, have your team manger communicate any updates to your scorekeeper after the game to make sure the calls were accurate.

The 2020 Champs Stanley Pints will be given out on Sunday, Sept. 12th to the Lager and Stout Champs. BC & Frozen.

All Black Hockey Sticks will have a trailer full of $89 Carbon Fiber sticks for sale on Sept. 12th in front of the rink. Please support our sponsor and grab a stick or two! I know many have been asking me for this opportunity. Let’s welcome Larry back to our rink. He also offers fully sublimated jerseys for as low as $35 each through www.JustHockeyJerseys.com Look for a new website in the coming weeks as my team is working on it.

COVID update. If you have any symtoms of a cold, do not enter the rink. IF you have come in contact with someone who has COVID, do not enter the rink. Let’s be smart and safe. 

See you on the ice!


Frequently Asked Questions…

August 2020 EHL Board Meetings

August 16th Meeting

Present: Chris Green, Gooners Dogs; Dane Tucker, C & S; Darren Newton, Old Fokkers; Justin McHugh, Chicken Shack; Ray Markey, Kidd Co; Ty Burt, Frozen Wings; Mike Hartwig, Hartwig Tree Svc.; Dave Crabill, Budtenders

Teams not represented: Bigby Coffee, BC Heating, Prestige Worldwide, Scrap Dogs, Wolverine

1) Revised version of the COVID protocols from Punch Kick Hockey League in Macomb Co. will be in place.

2) Season Start Date is Sept. 13. Working with the rink on ice times.

3) Team Managers will use HC to check in players prior to game. Score keeper will verify. Work with your score keeper just prior to game to make sure all is set correctly. We have done a great job on the 8 game min. for playoffs so far.

4) Free case of beer for first game on EHL for any team who attended both meetings in person or virtual.  Gooners, Chicken Shack, Old Fokkers, Kidd Co, Frozen Wings, Hartwig Tree

5) Still working on getting a quote on private insurance for the league.

6) Players who pay $50 towards season through Gears.beer will be eligible for a 50% discount on Sunday drop in hours. Teams looking to scrimmage should set that up soon. Contact Dave.


8/23 1:30 PM Frozen Wings
8/23 2:45 PM AVAILABLE
8/30 1:30 PM Gooners Dogs will scrimmage Budtenders
8/30 2:45 PM Frozen Wings



August 2nd Meeting Notes:

Darren Newton, Old Fokkers; Chris Green, Gooner’s Dogs; Eric Schauwecker, Scrap Dogs; Rico Philips, Chicken Shack; Mike Hartwig, Hartwig Tree; Ray Markey, new team 25+; Drew Lang, Wolverine Fire; Ty Burt, Frozen Wings; Jeff Dennings, EHL Dave Crabill, EHL & Budtenders

Teams not represented: Bigby Coffee, BC Heating, Prestige Worldwide, CS Motors


Bylaws – no changes

Ice Time Costs increased for this season by $225 per team and will increase each of the next four years. The cost of hosting two more playoff games in August to finish season is close to the increase. We will forego the balance of the 19/20 season and there won’t be an increase in cost for teams entering the 20/21 season.

The 2020 Stanley Pint Champions are:

BC Heating for the Lager Conference

Frozen Wings for the Stout Conference

Send any team sponsor information to dave@gears.beer for placement on the website. A sponsor form is available to use as you wish. Happy to help you secure those sponsors!

Ice time starting in August will be available for teams to scrimmage or drop in games. Contact Dave or use the Gears Beer Hockey App to join Sunday drop ins. 

We are meeting again on August 16th. In the meantime we will review an optional insurance policy and determine any health and safety protocols. A quote has been requested from K & K Insurance: https://www.kandkinsurance.com/sites/Sports/Pages/Home.aspx

EHL Registration

EHL Registration

Our plan is to run the early Sunday hockey league for the 2020 – 2021 season. If the restrictions are not lifted we may be held to just one sheet of ice for the season. We are working through the challenges as we can. A league meeting is scheduled for Sunday, August 16th at 2 pm. Details are on the EHL Page.

In the meantime, I do have sheets of ice reserved for August 23rd and 30th. You can register for the upcoming season with a $50 deposit on your ice time bill and receive discounted drop in skate fees of $10! 

Simply purchase the EHL Registration, then when logged into the site you can book the Sunday ice times for just $10 each.


11 am; 12:15 pm; 1:30 pm; 245 pm; 4:00 pm


11 am; 12:15 pm; 1:30 pm; 2:45 pm

Use this button below to purchase your EHL Registration. The $50 goes towards your teams ice bill.