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Rinks Closed by Gov

Games Postponed A Week

The goalie for Scrap Dogs came down with COVID this week. He played in game against Frozen Wings on Sunday 10/25. We got looking and many players sub throughout the league. We are postponing this weeks games in caution. If you played in the Scrap Dogs vs Frozen Wings game, please get tested and report back.

It is understandably frustrating to have to skip hockey this Sunday, but please understand the reason for caution. We have already had a loss close to our hockey family from COVID.

Rinks Closed by Gov

Schedule & League Update

The Eclectic Hockey League was formed out of a need for better management of beer league hockey to keep the game fun and safe. We invest in technology through the Hockey Community to provide easy access to schedules and stats. The schedule is posted far in advance. My experience with rink run leagues had been total disinterest in anything but collecting fees.

Over the last few years we have dialed in the registration process and truly managed the rosters and collected most team fees on the agreed-upon schedule.

2020 is different.

We have little control over the rosters this year. Each team has to step up and help the scorekeeper to get new players rostered if you are unable to do it. Only by the team managers and the players paying attention and helping out will the rosters be managed.  

We had an issue two weeks ago with a player who is known to have emotional issues enter a game and get into a fight. That player is suspended for eight weeks per the bylaws and I will put up for vote expulsion from the league to the full board. That will not be tolerated. Let’s all focus on keeping the problems out of our league and avoid any team expulsions.

The rink now has two sheets of ice in!

I’ve elected to run one sheet for the day. It is difficult to find anyone to work as a scorekeeper, so we can run the one sheet with one scorekeeper. Any game that was scheduled for Saturday is now starting at 3:15 pm on Sunday. We simply moved the Saturday games to Sunday at 3:15 pm. The other games times were moved forward by 15 minutes. The first game is now at 9 am.

COVID did reach it’s ugly hand into the rink and claimed our most loyal fan. Eric Schauwecker’s dad was a regular at the games and it is sad to report that he passed away in September. You will recognize his face – here is his obit https://www.sharpfuneralhomes.com/obituary/William-Schauwecker

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the Schauwecker family.

The handful of COVID-infected players have recovered, yet we have to remain mindful that it is elderly and ill that we come in contact with who are at most risk.


If you want to pay by cash or check, find me at the rink during my game times (Budtenders) or Wed. or Fri night skates. Checks should be made out to Gears Beer and can be mailed to 9350 Bennett Lake Rd Fenton, MI 48430. Otherwise, the Hockey Community app has a Finance tab that you can find to the right when looking at your team page.

Most teams are on track. Thank you to Ty Burt of Frozen Wings for being paid in full early again this year. It makes my job much easier.

Another reminder that everything about the league is found on www.Gears.beer/ehl

If you need clear tape I have plenty for $2 per roll.

Looking for CBD products? I’m launching a full line including a roll on salve with serious relief, look for details in the future or grab me at the rink.

Keep your head up and stick on the ice!


Rinks Closed by Gov

Frequently Asked Questions…

Two weeks in. It is going well. 

Here are some frequently asked questions:

How do I pay for my share of the league?

Each team has a player payment amount. Ask your team manager.

You pay Gears Beer – not the rink.

A payment path is available in the Hockey Community app. Click on your team name and swipe over to the Finance Tab.

Otherwise, write a check to Gears Beer and mail to 9350 Bennett Lake Rd Fenton, MI 48430

I will have a receipt book with me when at the rink for Budtenders games. As long as I don’t jump into another game, I will hang out in parking lot for a few after my game to catch later skaters who want to pay cash.

Do I need USA Hockey registration?


What is the insurance coverage?


By entering the rink you agree to this waiver.


 Below is a screen shot of the Hockey Community app showing a swipe to the finance tab.

hockey community finance screen
Rinks Closed by Gov

Schedule Set for 2020/21 Season

Eclectic Hockey League (EHL) will have twelve teams, six in each conference. Unfortunately, we only have one sheet to use so a game will be held Saturday 9 pm and then Sunday 9:15 am; 10:30; 11:45; 1 pm; 2:15 pm

Make sure you have a login to Hockey Community. There is a reste password link that expires in 30 min if you wish to reset your password. Team managers will be responsible for checking in players each game and confirming with scorekeepers.

I’m hiring both scorekeepers again to start the season. We will use tablets and enter the scores in HC during the game and cross check the stats. If concerned about stats, have your team manger communicate any updates to your scorekeeper after the game to make sure the calls were accurate.

The 2020 Champs Stanley Pints will be given out on Sunday, Sept. 12th to the Lager and Stout Champs. BC & Frozen.

All Black Hockey Sticks will have a trailer full of $89 Carbon Fiber sticks for sale on Sept. 12th in front of the rink. Please support our sponsor and grab a stick or two! I know many have been asking me for this opportunity. Let’s welcome Larry back to our rink. He also offers fully sublimated jerseys for as low as $35 each through www.JustHockeyJerseys.com Look for a new website in the coming weeks as my team is working on it.

COVID update. If you have any symtoms of a cold, do not enter the rink. IF you have come in contact with someone who has COVID, do not enter the rink. Let’s be smart and safe. 

See you on the ice!