2023 Doan’s Winter Classic

2023 Doan’s Winter Classic

Outdoor Ice

Doan’s Winter Classic Tournament

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The Journey

Big thanks to Jim Doan and his family for hosting our fifth tournament at his home rink.

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zamboni watering rag hockey rink
filling hockey rink


 It takes a crew of about eight guys for at least three or four sessions to put up and take down the rink. All that work is worth it for the magic of a few skates.

We got busy on December 14th to roll out the new tarp and put up most of the boards. Getting that monster rolled out and flat is a project. More work to put up kicker boards, lights, and nets and we are ready.

The ice was finally ready Tuesday, Jan. 31st for a nighttime skate. Charles Partridge and Lars Patterson played goal while Jim Doan, Cooper Partridge, and I skated around with some back-and-forth offense/defense until Steve Ragge showed up and we played two-on-two until we couldn’t.

A serious cold snap hit the northeast for a couple of days leading up to Saturday, February 4th making the ice hard, ready for some ice hockey.

Eighteen skaters and three goalies showed up early Saturday morning for ice hockey.

Each year we attempt to rank skaters and perform a blind shuffle to make even teams. It never works.

I asked for help and got none, so the blame is on me for the draft. I thought that this was as equal as I could make it. So, I miss calculated a litter perhaps as my team went undefeated. To be fair, Larry O is over 59 and I’m over 60 – not like I was a decision-maker! But if we score teams based on age we would certainly top the scale. 

Look at the team pics and rosters below and let me know how you would stack it up different. You might get a job next tournament:)


Stout Bros (1) played Team Porter (4) the first game.  Porter won.

Doan’s High Life (2) played Lagermen (3) and Lagermen squeaked out a win.

Lagermen then beat Stout Bros.

Team Porter then beat Doan’s High Life.

By now the legs are warmed up but the  food and beer are looking good.

Lagermen vs Porter for the championship.

Lagermen wins the 2023 Doan’s Winter Classic Championship.

So, volunteers are needed to help draft teams next year:)

Meet The Teams

Stout Bros Hockey Team

Stout Bros

Doug Druin
Jeff Rouse
Billy Campbell
Steve Ragge

Stout Bros Hockey Team

Doans High Life

Jim Doan
Cooper Partridge
Tom Hall
Tom Murray

Stout Bros Hockey Team

Team Porter

Mike “Eddie” Edwards
Tim Bartlett
Scott Polisky
Sean Fountain



Larry O of All Black Hockey Sticks 
Rob Bartlett
Sean Robinson
Steve Topoliski
Dave Crabill

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Outdoor Ice Hockey

What makes it special?

You connect with your youth when you step on that hard ice with the chill of the air. The sound and the sight are all different. Nighttime is a blast under the LED lights with the stars shining down on a crisp clear night.

Stanly Keg Champion 2022 60+B

Stanly Keg Champion 2022 60+B

2022 Stanley Keg Champs

Senior Class 60 B Team

The call came late in the evening less than two weeks out from the tournament. “Rob Bartlett refered me to you. I’m looking for some old guys that love hockey to play in a tournament,” said Stu.

I’m in. First time in a long time that I’ve been invited to a tournament.

We came together from all around southeastern Michigan and played hard and won the 60+ B!

Friday night was the first time we had met. Stu had an idea of how would play where. He stratigized and told us not to worry about this first game, it would be tough. This is likely the team to beat in the finals. Let’s work on figuring out the chemistry and plan to win on Saturday.

We organized lines and rotated Stu through as an extra winger and beat Super Pac 9-0! I even got a couple!

Saturday morning we changed our strategy and rotated wingers off the bench and got behind early. We tied it up at the very end and won in OT. Whew!

The Flint Old Timers were up Saturday afternoon and I was worried. I knew the team and knew they wouldn’t take it easy. We changed strategies again and went with two centers and three sets of wings and it went a lot smoother. Despite a few mistakes on my part that felt like I was helping them, we won the game.

Super Pac managed to make it to the finals and they had a different goalie. Their Super Man goalie was legitimately hurt, bum ankle. They got two in our net, but we scored six times to earn a place on the Stanley Keg!

What a fun weekend of hockey. Can’t wait to get the Senior Class back together. We have our eyes on the Flint Oldtimers Tournament in April.




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Friday Night Skates return!

Friday Night Skates return!

Friday’s at 7:30 PM starts this coming Friday, August 5th at Crystal.

Join the skate list through Perfect Skate. A button below will take you to app.PerfectSkate.com where it is setup. A new and improved booking system is under development and is planned to launch this month. I’ll be posting just one skate at a time in the current system.

Use the coupon code “cash” if you want to pay at the rink with the current system.

Cooper Goalie @ Doan’s Rink

Cooper Goalie @ Doan’s Rink

Big thanks to Charles for tending goal, but also for shoting this cool video of the action at Doan’s rink.

We are getting ready for the 2022 Doan’s Winter Classic. The goal is the hold the tournament Saturday, February 6th at 10 am. Limited to 24 skaters and two goalies, no guests due to space issues.

Help is needed on Friday to move the snow. It is possible that on Friday we will push back the date to February 12th at 10 am. Hoping we pull it off this Saturday because I have Wings tickets for a noon game against the Flyers on 12th!

Contact Dave or Jim if you need the address to Doan’s. Make sure you are on the list!

Here is a link to chip in on the food and get a spot on the list.

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Outdoor & Indoor Tournaments

Outdoor & Indoor Tournaments

We are in peak Hockey Season and you have more chances for play! The Barn in Fenton offers some three on three without goalie, tournaments. Find details on https://barnhockeyfenton.com

Jim Doan has the ultimate setup for outdoor hockey and we skate generally Tuesday and Saturday, weather permitting. Get on the Doan’s Winter Classic list for updates on the February tournament. It caps at 24 skaters and four goalies – no guests.

Flint Oldtimers is back on April 8th through the 10th at Crystal Fieldhouse. $700 per team, limit of eight teams in 40+, 50+, 60+, 70+ Divisions. Details on Crystal Fieldhouse website or contact Mike Petty 810-964-2727 or Art Autio 248-345-5469. Three game guarantee with two 16 minute stop time periods.

2021 doan’s Winter Classic

2021 doan’s Winter Classic

We have two skates in already on the rink at Jim Doan’s! Jim has made more upgrades to the barn and we now have even more room to spread out and host a banquet. 

The 2021 Doan’s Winter Classic is scheduled for February 6th. We draft four teams as evenly as possible from those present at 9:30 am. Games begin by 10 am. Single elimination tournament. We typicaly end by 1 pm and relax with some food and drink in the barn.

We will have pop up skates between now and then depending on the weather. If you have an interest in skating, join the email list. 

These events are at your own risk. Don’t worry mom, we have plenty of safety meetings!