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All right, it’s May 13th, 2023. I wanted to give you a hockey update. I know we’re just getting into spring. We had a long way till the fall, but it’s gonna be here before we know it, and there’s still hockey to be had as we speak. So first, let’s talk about that. I’m not running any drop-in sheets currently. There are a couple that are available. You can generally find them on Wednesday at 3:00 PM there’s a drop-in skate. We could use some bodies. We generally have two goalies and a dozen or more skaters. We could use some more. There’s plenty of ice time. A lot of fun. Good guys. So Wednesday at 3:00 PM there’s also a Friday at 11:00 AM for 50 and over. Yeah, I think that’s pretty well attended.

Monday nights are coming back in June, uh, the 50 and over, I spoke with Art that runs that 50 and over league. And there are only about seven spots left. And that’s gonna be full. They’re gonna have six teams for summer hockey for 50 and over. That’s June through August. Runs right up to the fall timeframe. So you can skate Monday, Wednesday, and Friday if you want. If you’re able to during the day, that is, you can schedule that time. So, hockey’s available. Uh, also Kevin Hale’s been running some sheets and he lets me know once in a while and I, I send that out.

So, we’ll talk about that, how to get onto the list, and such. But I wanted to touch on this. Mike Meyer had a serious leg injury during the alumni tournament and he’s gonna need some help for the next six to eight months. They’ve raised some money through GoFundMe. He’s got some insurance, uh, through USA Hockey. I’m assuming that’s helping him. But, he’s gonna be out of work for like six to eight months. So he’s looking for some help. And you know, some guys reached out to me. So I will donate proceeds from some t-shirt sales if anybody’s interested in any of these t-shirts. Now it’d be a good time to snag some up.

Got this, Make America Skate Again design. We have Puck Cancer. It’s a very good message. Have this new Hockey Slang T-shirt. And then I have a really simple EHL T-shirt. So they’re available in the shop at Gears Beer. So and go to the shop, or if you want to make sure you get any updates on available ice time and updates on the league, go to and go to e h L. So, you can see right down here. And you can fill out this form if you haven’t done it already. And you’ll be in the know for hockey.

And just a gentle reminder, you can go and get your 2023 24 USA hockey registration. You’ll need that to get going in September. So your current registration’s good for the summer hockey. And then come fall, of course, we’re gonna have to do this again cause we do want that insurance. So that’s at, membership dot usa

Another item I wanted to tell you, that GoFundMe for Mike Meyer is if you wanted to find that, it’s Click here to view it.

And then, if you’re in the market for some CBD products and a lot of you guys like my CBD Salve that I make, I’m gonna make another batch. 50 bucks, a tin this stuff’s magic. It really does work. It really does help. So, I have tins and I’ve pet treats and all kinds of CBD stuff, and you can find that at so wanted to share that out.

All right, so back to the league. Let’s talk about the hockey league next year. We’re going back to 40 and over. I suspect we’re gonna have six teams. When it’s all said and done, if there are players that are looking for teams, reach out to me, let me know. We may have to pull together a six-team. So there, there may be room for some skaters. I’m really confident we have five teams at this time, and it’s gonna be competitive again. So, you know, just the nature of the sport, you know, we gotta play hard. And, that’s where it’s at.

So that is where we’re at with Hockey.

I hope to see you on the ice later.