Your ice hockey fun begins here!

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Eclectic Hockey League (EHL) will have twelve teams, six in each conference. Unfortunately, we only have one sheet to use so a game will be held Saturday 9 pm and then Sunday 9:15 am; 10:30; 11:45; 1 pm; 2:15 pm

Make sure you have a login to Hockey Community. There is a reste password link that expires in 30 min if you wish to reset your password. Team managers will be responsible for checking in players each game and confirming with scorekeepers.

I’m hiring both scorekeepers again to start the season. We will use tablets and enter the scores in HC during the game and cross check the stats. If concerned about stats, have your team manger communicate any updates to your scorekeeper after the game to make sure the calls were accurate.

The 2020 Champs Stanley Pints will be given out on Sunday, Sept. 12th to the Lager and Stout Champs. BC & Frozen.

All Black Hockey Sticks will have a trailer full of $89 Carbon Fiber sticks for sale on Sept. 12th in front of the rink. Please support our sponsor and grab a stick or two! I know many have been asking me for this opportunity. Let’s welcome Larry back to our rink. He also offers fully sublimated jerseys for as low as $35 each through Look for a new website in the coming weeks as my team is working on it.

COVID update. If you have any symtoms of a cold, do not enter the rink. IF you have come in contact with someone who has COVID, do not enter the rink. Let’s be smart and safe. 

See you on the ice!