Getting the guys together to skate is like herding cats!

You have to find goalies, then you round up about 20 skaters to show up. It is a lot of work! Too many or not enough and you look bad to your friends. You want this to be the perfect skate!

Dave Crabill

“Some guys will whine regardless of how well organized your skate is, but you can relax and enjoy your skate if you know you have it locked down and organized right!”  Dave Crabill

the organizer

That’s me 1/1/1977 calling for players!

I’ve been organizing hockey since the 70’s. I had the biggest driveway in our neighborhood, so the street hockey games were at my place. I’m a slow learner, but I have it figured out finally! 

My day job is website design and marketing. Technology is a big part of my every day existence. But the technology has to be useful and easy to work. I’ve found the right mix of technology to manage the skate. I’ve pushed the limits of my players to learn what works and won’t work.

From my group of skaters, I’ve created a league and have run tournaments. Plus, on a recent Friday I rented two sheets to accommodate all the skaters! This is has been an amazing, fun journey!

But it all started with a Friday Night skate.

Not only do I have a set number of guys that show up each week to skate, but they help me enforce the rules of the skate. Besides, it is in their benefit.

My system has worked so well, that I wanted to share it with other avid hockey enthusiasts like you.

If you want to learn how to get the right amount of skaters each week and have them gladly pay to skate with you, then I have the system for you!

Allow me to email over my research notes on how to organize a skate. You will find it enlightening! They are a bit rough, but you can reach me by phone or email with your questions.

Hey, together we can help grow this great game of ice hockey!

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