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old hockey player

Kidd Company player Brian Knack, #9 is under age for our league. I’m told his birthday is in April, but I’m also told that he will be 24 in April.

He is leading the league in points and has been an instigator of the trouble with his chirping.

It is  the responsibility of the team manager to inform the players of the league bylaws and rules and keep them in line. Ray Markey is the Kidd Co manager. He pulled together this team for the season and it was communicated that any exceptions must be approved by the board.

A copy of Brian’s drivers license has not surfaced, so I’m assuming that he is under age. I don’t have proof one way or another yet.

Sorry guys, but let’s wrap this up with a quick motion and vote. Someone propose what we should do about this situation and lets vote on it.