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old hockey player

This is a color 8mm film reel recently digitized by Priceless Preservation of Ann Arbor (734-219-3916). It depicts excepts of game between Detroit and Montreal at Detroit’s Olympia.

This footage was shot c. 1958-60 by the late Richard Maher. We have narrowed the time frame to the two coinciding seasons when Howe and Richard were both captains (1958-1969) based on the “C” on each of their jerseys,

Music” Hockey Night in Canada”, “Hit Somebody” by Warren Zevon

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This film was digitized by PricelessPreservation, an Ann Arbor firm of U-M trained archivists devoted to helping families in southeast and west Michigan, as well as northwest Ohio, preserve and digitize their most precious memories. We work with slides, photos, photo albums, letters, videos and films.

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Suite 110 C inside downtown Ann Arbor’s historic Goodyear Building. You can find more about us at Life In Balance