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old hockey player

Mike Karas ankleUpdate on Mike from Mojoes.

First things first.

Check out Mike ankle work. Man, he is an iron man!

3 Months and those two big screws come out.

We are all pulling for you Mike. Hope you recover swiftly and we see you at the party.

Playoff Schedule 3/20

Game 1: 1st vs 4th @ 12:15 pm

Game 2: 2nd vs 3rd @ 12:30 pm

Game 3: game 1 loser vs game 2 loser for 3rd and 4th place @ 1:45 pm

Game 4: finals, game 1 winner vs game 2 winner @ 3 pm

I’m making arrangements for the festivities that will be held after the finals. Awards will be given out.

Invite other team leaders that you would like to see join our league next year.

The St Paulie Girl Prize
$50 Prize to player with lowest number of penalties. We will draw cards
if a tie.
The Guzzler Prize
$50 to the player with the most points at the end of the season.

For the winning team, I’m getting feedback that t-shirts would be preferable to a pint glass. Looking for feedback, make it quick!

Flint FirebirdsFlint Firebirds Tickets this Sunday 3/6

I have 19 tickets to move for the 5pm game this Sunday. They are in my possession. Only $10 per ticket for Silver section seats ($15 value)

Please pass the word. My Optimist Club purchased 100 and we have 19 left to move. Bringing the Whaley kids to the game.