Your ice hockey fun begins here!

old hockey player

Another fun Sunday of hockey is behind us!

Old Fockers was worried about their short bench, but their puck handling skills dominated the play as they beat Crystal Fieldhouse 7 – 2. The rosters are not frozen until January 3rd, so there is still time for Crystal to reorganize a bit.

Long standing rivalry between MoJoes and Ergomatic Products wasn’t a disappointment.  I know that MoJoes wanted the win badly. It was  a rare occasion to have a full bench for Ergomatic and the battle ended in a tie. With our revised By-Laws which you can read here, we now run a three man shootout. Mike held strong in net for Ergomatic Products and won the game, nice job Mike!

Note To All Players

Just a quick reminder to everyone. This is a recreational league. Just for fun. Don’t whack at the guy because his is skating away with the puck, keep your stick down. Don’t wack at the goalie when he gloves it, you will get a negative response. So play hard. Skate hard. Just don’t be a hack.


You might have noticed that photos were taken of the games. The camera is a hand me down and the photographers are not trained, so don’t expect too much! But scroll down for the action shots from Sunday. If anyone knows of a volunteer to take photos of the games, send them my way.


Final payments are due from players. Get your money in. You can use the website to make payments if you need to. Talk to your team rep if you are uncertain about your payment status.

The Turkey Cup has been canceled do to lack of interest. We made a lame attempt to pull this off, way too late. Regular game schedule on Sunday.

EHL patches are in, so you can show off the league colors on your favorite hoodie or sweatshirt. We have t-shirts available also for EHL & Gear.Beer. Check them out in the shop.

I run a Friday night skate from 7:30 – 9pm, but it is getting maxed out. If you are interested in the opportunity to skate on Friday night, fill out the form to let me know. This is a fast paced, fun skate.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!

I do appreciate you! Thanks for joining the league. With your help we will build a cool recreational hockey league!


Find the photos on our Facebook page for EHL or click the links below.

Old Fockers vs Crystal Fieldhouse photos

Ergomatic vs MoJoes photos