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EHL Board Meets To Revise Game Time

Getting two games completed from noon to 2 pm proved to be a challenge at times. Thank you for being patient as we experimented with a number of different period times, both run time and stop time. Just as I was advised by another league Punch Kick Hockey, who were mentored by a long running Royal Oak hockey league, stop time is better. They  run three 11 minute stop time periods within a 50 minute game. But after trying that and 15 minute run time, we decided that a little more time to run the games would be best. The rink has been great with us when negotiating for ice time. They came through again and we were able to purchase a half hour more for only $50 per week. That works out to just $225 per team for the remaining weeks, including playoffs. There will be two playoff games for everyone now. First round will be March 13th and the final round March 20th.

So, game times are moved up. The first game will start at 11:30 am on Sunday and the second game at 12:45 pm. We still wrap up at 2 pm. We plan to run three 12 minute stop time periods and will now have a three round shootout in case of a tie. If tied after three players shoot on each team, then it is a tie.

One other schedule change. The games on January 24th have been moved to March 13th do to a major event that the rink booked on 1/24/16. That pushes our playoffs to 3/20 & 3/27. I promised one playoff game, and you get two! The good news is that we will have the season complete by the end of March. I still want to do a banquet, more on that later.

We have had a lot of fun. The play has been competitive and fairly even. Crystal Fieldhouse team should be commended for getting a team put together! We have until January 10th to add to rosters. There is a lot of good hockey left in the season. Keep playing a clean game. Let’s not get hurt!

EHL T-Shirts will be available for sale at the registration table this week, along with some Gears Beer shirts. The Gears Beer are grey shirts with black logo, only $10 each, $15 for XXL. The EHL shirts are black with four color logo sold for $15 each or $20 for XXL.

Please contact Dave if you have any edits to the score sheets. Remember that we have prize money riding on it!

Plus, it is time to make final payments to skate.

Here are our prizes as a reminder:

The Hop & Barley Prize
A contest of all fully registered and fully paid players will be held on December 13th.  Team reps will provide a list of the fully paid players if the team fee isn’t fully paid at that time. A deck of cards will be set up at a registration table. Eligible players will draw a card, high card wins $50. Rank is Hearts, Spades, Diamonds then Clubs.

The St Paulie Girl Prize
$50 Prize to player with lowest number of penalties. We will draw cards if a tie.

The Guzzler Prize
$50 to the player with the most points at the end of the season.

The Stanley Pint Prize
Custom championship beer pint glasses will be awarded to each player on the winning team. With a case of beer!