Your ice hockey fun begins here!

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The Board of the Eclectic Hockey League (EHL) meet at Skaters Bar Sunday at 1 pm to prepare for the 2019/20 ice hockey season.

We have six teams in each Conference. Lager 25+ and Stout 40+

Present were Dave Crabill – Commish-Leather Necks; Jeff Dennings-Assistant Commish; Mike Hartwig-Hartwig Tree Svc.; Darren Newton-Old Fokkers; Tom Hutchings-Leather Necks; Mark Abee-Scrap Dogs; Ty Burt – Frozen Wings; Jeff Wieler – Gooners Dogs; Jeff Rouse-BC Heating; Drew Lang-State Farm; Brandon Groleau; Nate Carnell and another guy – CS Motors; Casey Owens – Mighty Drunks.

Here are the Conference lineups:

Lager – 25+

BC Heating & Cooling – Jeff Rouse
C & S Motors – Dane Tucker
Chicken Shack- Ricco Phillips
Hartwig Tree Service- Mike Hartwig
State Farm- Drew Lang
The Mighty Drunks- Casey Owens

Stout 40+

Frozen Wings-Ty Burt
Gooner Dogs-Chris Green
Leather Necks-Tom Hutchings
Old Fokkers-Darren Newton
Prestige Worldwide-Brandon Groleau
Scrap Dogs-Mark Abee / Eric Schauwecker

We had a quick, productive meeting. Thank you to all who took time out of your busy schedule, really appreciate it.

Bylaw Review – see link to bylaws on this page

Page 3 GAME  overtime rules in playoffs. 4 on 4 for five minutes then shootout.

Page 5 Prizes Two Guzzler prizes, one for each Conference; Two Stanley Pint champs, one for each conference awarded custom Stanley Pints; GOALIE PRIZE! Finally – Two $50 Tallboy prizes, one each conference for most shutouts.

Roster Decisions:

We voted to allow defenseman, Shaun Adair (38) to skate with Scrap Dogs. He skates every Wed & Fri with me, so I know his ability and temperament, a good fit for our league.

We voted to allow a slightly underage girl, Taylor, to skate with The Mighty Drunks. Taylor has skated a lot with a weekly skate, a good fit for the league.

The Frozen Wings – 40 + and Scrap Dogs 40+ are still finalizing their rosters if you know of anyone wanting to skate.

Schedule / Crossover

We are not doing the inter-conference games this season since we have six each. (No old guys vs young guys games) What we will do instead, thanks to Jeff, is run a schedule of five games then schedule 1 vs 2, 3 vs 4 and 5 vs 6 in each conference. That way the points can be earned against your next best competitor, then repeat. Each team will still play each in its own conference four times.


Payments are collected through Hockey Community. Get your guys on the app, team managers can add to their roster, or have them go to and I’ll add them to your team.

The first deadline is $625 by 9/15

Received so far. 
BC Heating – $700
C & C Motors – $500
Hartwig Tree – $400
Chicken Shack – $0
State Farm – $100
The Mighty Drunks – $0
Frozen Wings – $300
Gooners Dogs-$300
Leather Necks- $400
Old Fokkers-$700
Prestige Worldwide-$800
Scrap Dogs-$100

Let me know if there are Registration payments that have not been credited to the player. There was an issue with the process of initial registration.

I think that is it. Thanks again for playing! I’m looking forward to another fun season.