Your ice hockey fun begins here!

old hockey player

Thanks to BC & Nutrien joining the league, we have six teams this season. Ideally, we would have eight teams. Help get the word out for next season.

A big thanks to the team managers. It takes time, patience, and money to run a hockey team. Ty Burt, Chris Green, Eric Schauwecker, Jeff Rouse, Tim Jankowski. 

Next week is the final week to get the annual fees paid to avoid penalties. Big thanks to Ty of Frozen Wings for paying the fee off at the start of the season. Gooners Dogs is fully paid and the other teams are very close to fully paid. 

The regular season ends on February 19th and we will be skating at Dort Event Center on that day starting at 1 pm for the first game. Big thanks to Jeremy Torrey for opening up the facility for us to host our games. Now we will be able to get the season completed in March. Our last game of this season is March 26th. The playoffs will be a round-robin.
I realize that there isn’t parity in the league this year. BC ran up the score on Marauders last Sunday and I’m hearing grumbling. We will adjust the schedules as possible to make the balance of the year as fun as possible, but we need to tough out this season and come up with a plan for next season. I appreciate everyone’s patience as we work through the challenges. I’d prefer to move the age back up myself, or even make it a higher age:)
Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have suggestions or comments. Thanks for playing!