Your ice hockey fun begins here!

old hockey player

The 2022-2023 EHL Season is a wrap. BC Heating earned the championship.

Other prizes were handed out as is the tradition:

  • Guzzler Prize for the most points went to Trevor Moore on Nutrien.
  • St Paulie Girl Prize for no penalties was a random draw and Chris Jedlowski.
  • The Tall Boy Prize for most shutouts went to Brian Markowicz.

Thank you to all who participated this season. 

I’ve waffled on the league setup for next season. While I enjoy the Monday night draft league and feel that a draft done correctly creates the most parity, we are not going in that direction. It comes down to time and energy, which I’m in short supply of lately. The easier path is to keep our format, but we will return to 40+ with no exceptions. 

So far, teams in for next season include Frozen Wings, Budtenders, Marauders, and Gooners Dogs. 

It was fun watching Marauders come together toward the end of the season to capture third place! Well done guys. 

Enjoy your summer. The league will be back in September. I’ll have a manager meeting in August.