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Sunday Early Hockey League

This league was formed in 2015 by and for hockey players.

The reasons we formed the league were as follows:

1) Better scheduling than Polar Palace provided. We now get a schedule that rarely changes for the season.

2) Better control on eliminating problem players.

3) Consistent prizes and group buy-in on the goal for fun and exercise.


Things that went wrong this season:

Well, the schedule got wonky with COVID. 

Jeff Dennings wasn’t able to help this season due to health concerns. Our league fee collection process changed and it put all the burden on managers to work with players.

We didn’t have the parity in the Conferences as we like.

The 40+ Stout Conference has one team dominating but I don’t hear too much whining. Just the normal whiners.

The 25+ Lager Conference fell apart. We lost one team for certain and I suspect three more teams are likely leaving. Way too much emotion was brought to the rink.

Next Season

I’m hoping that Jeff can help next season, but it isn’t certain yet. With or without Jeff the money collection is going to be tighter again. I plan to move up all dates and enforce the rules to remove teams from the league who can’t get it together. I hate bookkeeping and simply do not have the time or interest to collect money all season. 

A new league management system will likely be selected for use next season. The finance part of Hockey Community doesn’t work for either the players or me as I would like. I’m told that Sports Engine works well for GFHA. I’ll be doing some research. Let me know if you have a solution.

We grew the league from four teams to twelve in six seasons. I’m ok with scaling back. My goal was to hit 16 so we had eight in each Conference. Playoff schedules and variety are better with that number of teams. I’m ok going backwards if it relieves stress.

Each March I get burned out on hockey drama. My goal is to have fun playing hockey with those who are in line with our goals. I’m actively removing stressful players from my hockey universe. I simply don’t have the patience anymore.

Let’s be respectful of the rink, other players and the tradition of ice hockey and finish this season in a fun and competitive way.

EHL Board Meeting

I’m calling an EHL Board meeting for either Saturday, March 20th at 4 PM or Sunday, March 21st at 4:30 pm. I expect a representative from each team to email, call or text with a preferred date and the final time will be set by majority vote.


Thank you for participating in the EHL.

See you on the ice!