Your ice hockey fun begins here!

old hockey player

The 2021/22 Season will begin on September 19th. The schedule is being loaded into Hockey Community. There are six teams in the 40+ Stout Conference. We have dropped the Lager Conference this season.

I’m very happy to report that the six team managers we have are solid and dependable. This gives me the confidence to move forward with the season despite my health issue. I’m going to try to play. I can’t be much slower, right?

That said, we have higher costs again this season for the ice time and refs. The cost per team will remain $5,000 if paid by the deadline of November 30th. After November 30th the fee raises by $250 and there will be penalties or loss of ice time. I’ve never collected all of the team fee money for a season since starting this league in 2015. Let’s make this a first!

The teams are:

Budtenders, manager Tom Hutchings
Gooners Dogs, manager Chris Green
Hurley Phantoms, manager Mike Mays
Lockhart Roofing, manager Greg Dufour
Frozen Wings, manager Ty Burt
Marauders – or another name to be determined, manger Eric Schauwecker