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It is my pleasure to introduce the 2022 through 2023 Eclectic Hockey League Season.

Our first games will be held on September 25th. We have game times of 10 am, 11:15, and 12:30 pm.

Teams committed are Budtenders, Gooners Dogs, Marauders, and Frozen Wings. A fifth team is being built and we are considering dropping the age to 35 to bring in the sixth team.

Frozen Wings won’t be as dominant as the last few years due to changes in their roster to adapt to our league.

Should we not get to six teams we will drop a sheet and have a by-week with five teams on the schedule.

Jeff Dennings is back at the registration table. We are sourcing some performance-enhancing products at the table – nothing too scary like Russian gas?  Some electrolyte hydration and topical pain relief.

Since the start of the EHL in 2015, the costs have gone up over 20%. The team fee this season is $5,350 with a $100 back if paid before the mid-December deadline.

We will be registered through USA Hockey this season. You will need to get your USA Hockey number for the fall season. You can register now.

Please visit Gears dot Beer forward slash EHL to make a payment and to get any updates.

I’ve rented the ice from 1 to 2 pm on Sunday the 18th with a meeting and networking afterward. Come join the fun. Those who make an initial ice time payment will skate free.

A big thanks to Cooper Goalie – Charles Partridge for printing some cool EHL decals for our cars. They will be available on the 25th.

Last item. I’m ordering a few jerseys and socks from Just Hockey Jerseys. If you want some cool hemp socks or a jersey, order on

Looking forward to seeing you on the ice!

Keep your head up!

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