Your ice hockey fun begins here!

old hockey player

Quick update as we wrap up the 2020/2021 Season.

Board meeting 3/21 as planned.
Present: Ty Burt of Frozen Wings, Tim Jankowski of Old Fokkers, Chris Joncas of Kidd Co, Brian Hall of Hartwig, Dave Crabill of Budtenders, Jeff Rouse of BC, Steve of Wolverine.

Round robin is one game against each team. In event of tie at end, regular season record is Champ.

Staying with Lager and Stout Conferences – 25+ and 40+ for next season. Jeff Dennings will be back at registration table.

I didn’t have a chance to laser the Stanley Pints. I dug them up and I’m down to 19 in stock. I’ll have them at the rink to distribute but I’m out of town until April 7th.

Ref cost and ice cost is going up. I’m going to try to hold the cost the same. There will be penalties for late payments from teams.

Have fun and no injuries!

See you on the ice soon I hope.

Commish Dave