Your ice hockey fun begins here!

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EHL Stanely Pint

Playoffs & Party On March 20th!

Here is the official game schedule:

11:30 am 1st vs 4th

12:45 pm 2nd vs 3rd

2:45 pm  Battle for Third

4:00 pm Finals

5:00 pm – Banquet & Awards Presentation

Invite other team leaders out to see what we are about!

Plans are under way to expand the league to 8 teams next year.

Special thanks to Mark, Michelle and the rest of the crew at Crystal Fieldhouse for working with us to make this league happen!

EHL Banquet Plans

Our inaugural banquet will be held onsite just after the finals. Those who sold 10 or more raffle tickets get to eat and drink for free!

A pizza buffet is being planned, with a few additions thanks to volunteers. I’m buying a number of beers from Crystal to get things going. $10 will purchase three beer or pop tickets and access to the buffet.

Presentation of Awards:

Stanley Pints to championship team

$50 St. Paulie Girl prize – lowest penalty minutes – card drawing

$50 The Guzzler Prize – top point getter

Special mentions and awards…

Hope to see you there!